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The average per capita income in Kitui is less than €2 per day

Wells For Africa

"Wells For Africa" was an initiative in 2005 by Sheila O'Malley and Gerry Jones, to raise funds for water projects in Kitui, Kenya
Paul Healy, Sheila O'Malley, Sr Kathleen of Loreto NS, and Gerry Jones with the plaque for Musuoni Well
"Wells for Africa" set out to fund up to seven water projects in Kitui in the 2006/2007 school year. Typically, these projects comprise the construction or rehabilitation of a water well, or the construction of a sand dam (aka subsurface dams), and typical costs lie in the range €1400 to €4000. This sum will provide clean water for a community of 200-300 people. As of November 12th 2006, six of the seven projects targeted for 2006 have been fully funded.



Wells at Musuoni and Kiatineni

This 7 minute video shows the first two wells to be constructed from the seven projects sponsored by Friends of Kitui in 2006. Musuoni Well was funded by Loreto Primary School, Dalkey, and Kiatineni Well was funded by the Seaver family


Some of the achievements in 2006 were

Loreto Secondary School, Dalkey

On Saturday 30th September 2006, transition year students from Loreto Secondary School, Dalkey, raised €2,704- enough to cover the cost of constructing a sub-surface dam at Katwara, with €600 left over which will cover 25% of the cost of  constructing another dam at Makolongo in Kitui diocese.
This is a fantastic achievement for all concerned. Particular congratulations to the Loreto girls who again gave up their time for a really worthy cause, and who achieved such a magnificent result. You have given 540 people in Katwara a new lease of life.


St Andrew's College,
On Friday October 20th, transition year students from St Andrews College Blackrock raised €550 which will pay for almost one-third of the cost of raising the sub-surface dam at Kitula in Kitui. By raising the level of the existing dam, the water storage capacity is increased substantially and 400 people in the community of Kitula will benefit throughout the dry season. The students of St Andrews can be proud of their achievement. By giving up their time for others, they have made a real difference to the lives of 400 people.
Irish Software Association

On Friday November 10th the Irish Software Association held their annual dinner. We would like to thank the ISA for supporting Friends of Kitui through a collection held at this function, which raised the magnificent sum of €5,100. This money, together with €550 raised by St Andrew's College students, will pay in full the raising of dams at Kitula and Nzeveni in Kitui, Kenya. In each of these locations an existing Phase 1 sub-surface dam will be raised, thus increasing the water storage capacity substantially and catering for the water needs of 1040 people.
On behalf of the people of Kitula and Nzeveni, we would like to say a big "Thank You" to Bernie Cullinan, Chairperson of the Irish Software Association, and also to Michele and Adrienne for all their support at the Burlington Hotel Friday Nov 10th. Your support, and the support of your members, has made a real and fundamental difference to the lives of 1040 people. Be proud of it.


Full details of these water projects can be found on the Water Projects page


 The message from Sheila and Gerry is short and simple:


Can you raise €1400 or more?

Then you can have a well built in Africa and change lives.

You can bring water to hundreds of people who are currently walking for up to 8 hours a day just to fetch water.

Fact: Kitui in Eastern Kenya get roughly same annual rainfall as Dublin - but without artificial reservoirs or storage of some kind, the rainfall will be lost through high evaporation rates under the equatorial sun.

Fact: The burden of fetching water falls on the women and female children of the household

Help us to help the people of Kitui - a well saves lives, waters livestock.

Corporate sponsorship of a well or School fundraisers welcome.


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A simple well costing as little as €1500 changes lives in a way that we cannot even begin to imagine!

Paul Healy has a rapt audience at Loreto National School


Accepting the plaque to be placed on the well at Mutsuoni


Presenting the Plaque

Presenting the two cheques, one for Mutsuoni Well, the other for Famine Relief