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The average per capita income in Kitui is less than €2 per day

A Story of Change- Kalole Well in Kyuso District

This report was prepared by Jacinta Muteu, Water Technician, Development Department, Diocese of Kitui, September 22nd 2010

Picture 1.- The Kalole Community at work providing unskilled labour

Picture 2 -Water being pumped  from the completed well

Picture 3 -A session of management training





Initially, the community travelled a distance of more than 10km to a nearby water source which was an earthen dam. Water collected in this main source was not 100% clean since it comes from surfacewater runoff. The community identified a water need in their locality and came together to form a group with a common interest of making water available in good quality and adequate quantity.

Kalole group started by excavating a hand dug well in the farm of one of their members which was donated to them freely by the member. The community made efforts in sinking the well until they struck the water table. At this point it became a bit difficult for them to continue doing the well since it required that a skilled worker be engaged, which would cost money.

Kalole community approached the Catholic Diocese of Kitui Development Department for assistance. 

Their proposal was honored and their project was identified as one to be done in the latest Friends of Kitui Round 4 programme. After visiting the project and a meeting with the project beneficiaries, a contribution towards constructing the project was agreed and the community promised to contribute their part.

Ruth – the group Chairlady - gave her story about the project in her own words

We in Kalole community were suffering a lot from water scarcity since we had to travel a distance of not less than 10km to the nearest water source(Matingani dam in Kyuso), We identified our problem and sat down to find a solution to this. We concluded that we should come together as a group to do a well which will provide clean and viable water for us.

After we had this idea in our minds, we approached the District water office to site a viable place to locate our well.

After siting, we started doing the well by ourselves until we struck water. At this point we approached the Catholic Diocese of Kitui Water development department to see whether they will assist us in doing the remaining bit of the well.

Our proposal was accepted and we held a meeting with the Diocesan officers who introduced us to what we should do so as to have the water near us.

During our discussion we laid down that we should provide locally available materials and unskilled labour in order to construct the well.

From this point we started working on the project where we made locally available materials like sand, ballast, water, making bricks for walling available. On the other side the Diocese provided labour costs for deepening the well by 15 feet, cement for making the bricks, supplied us with a hand pump and paid skilled labour for constructing the well.

On top of this, Project management training was administered by the Diocese in collaboration with the Government Ministry of Water and Irrigation officers so as to enable us manage our project   properly.

At this time we are very happy because we have a well which has a lot of water and its fully constructed and a pump installed to enable us get water easily from the well.

We are very much thankful to Friends of Kitui through the Catholic Diocese of Kitui for this much support. We are no longer travelling the 10km, now on average 2 km are covered by the furthest beneficiary to the well.