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The average per capita income in Kitui is less than €2 per day

About Us, and Contact Details

Who  Are We?

Friends of Kitui is a voluntary group which evolved from the Dalkey Parish Outreach project, set up in 1999. The group started with a monthly fund-raising coffee morning, for relief of poverty mainly through providing education for orphans and vulnerable children, and small income-generation activities. Friends of Kitui was formally established in 2005 as an umbrella structure linking the activities of the various voluntary groups who are contributing to support the needs of the people of Kitui. In addition to Dalkey, Friends of Kitui extended to embrace donors from other Dublin parishes, notably Cabinteely and Rathgar, as well as corporate donors and others in the United States and Britain. Since December 2012, Friends of Kitui's activities have been in suspense.

An important feature of the Friends of Kitui approach is that all money donated goes to projects in Kitui. In the past, our funds were mainly, but not exclusively,  channelled through the Catholic Diocese of Kitui, because as a Partner of world agencies such as the World Food Programme, the Church in Kitui has the structure to support, implement and monitor projects. We insist that beneficiaries of our projects should include persons of all faiths, and none, in Kitui: however we recognise that the majority will be Catholic. 

Projects in Kitui are monitored by Friends of Kitui volunteers visiting these projects on a very regular basis- at least four or five visits per year. Costs associated with the organisation’s own activities, including travel costs to and from Kenya, are borne personally by the promoters here in Ireland.

How our Projects Evolved

Late 2005, following an appeal in Cabinteely Parish for support for the Diocese of Kitui, Aidan Corless decided to take on board two major projects- the first for the education of children orphaned due to AIDS, and the second to raise funds for the construction of a new Secondary School for the Diocese of Kitui.

Around the same time, Pat Torpey took responsibility for promoting Water Projects and the project for the Empowerment of Women through micro-buainess projects.

Terry Dunne and Clare Byrne who launched Dalkey Parish Outreach discovered that even small amounts of money  are able to do an amazing amount of good.

What We Do

We raise funds to support community projects for the provision of water and education services in the district of Kitui, in the Eastern Province of  Kenya.  

We also support projects to encourage self sustainability and particularly those for the empowerment of women. 

We are committed to ensure that 100% of the donations received go directly to the supported projects.

What We Believe

We believe in sustainable development. This means that our projects are geared towards enabling or empowering our partners  either to free up their time for more productive activties, or to get under way with income-generating projects which they will continue to develop and expand under their own initiative. 


We believe that:

  • Everyone has a right to water, the basic requirement for life

  • Everyone has a right to education

  • Everyone has a right to adequate food

  • Everyone has a right to advancement

  • These rights exist irrespective of Race or Religion

Contact Details

E-Mail Addresses: 

Due to the amount of spam mail we have received, we have had to show our e-mail addresses as graphics so that they cannot be read by spam mail programmes. To contact us, please type the address shown into your e-mail programme. Our apologies for this inconvenience.

For General Information: 

info at friendsofkitui.com

Webmaster & Editor: 


Pat Torpey

26 Hyde Park, 


Co. Dublin, 


Telephone: CompanyPhone



St Michael's School Building Project and Orphans Education Support:

Aidan Corless


Westminster Road,

Dublin 18


Telephone: +353-1-289-2393



You are most welcome to come to the Dalkey Parish Outreach coffee mornings in Our Lady's Hall, Castle St., Dalkey, Co Dublin, on the last Sunday of every month from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm.

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