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The average per capita income in Kitui is less than €2 per day

School Building and School Fees Programme

In this section of the website you will find details of the following:

1. St Michael's Primary School Building Programme

2. Makayauni Primary School Building Programme

3. School Fees programme for Orphans and Vulnerable Children

The Grandmother (right) of David Moses, sold her last cow to raise enough money for his education, but it wasn't enough and David was sent home from school. Without sponsorship by Friends of Kitui, this promising and able student would have to leave school and depend on casual work.

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The story of David Moses is told on the video below.

The importance of Education in combating poverty

“Wealthy donor countries need to help developing countries, which are serious about giving all their boys and girls a quality primary school education, with the additional finance and support they will need to boost enrolments, start training extra teachers, build more classrooms, and improve the quality of education,” said Jean-Louis Sarbib, the World Bank’s Senior Vice President for Human Development. “In a world tragically short of magic solutions, primary education remains one of the most dramatic development solutions available. Progress on education—as with many other development challenges—becomes possible when political will and resources come together.”

Education is seen by the Kenyan people as the route out of poverty. A major part of the typical household budget goes towards school fees and costs for school uniforms. Not only can education offer the potential of securing a better type of employment, but it can also help open minds to tackle gender issues such as the role of women, womens’ property rights, and so forth.   If a child can get access to school, he/she is probably guaranteed  adequate feeding and nutrition for five days of the week- and the remaining family foodstocks can be divided among the other family members. Poverty, demands of tending livestock, illness of family members or death due to AIDS, are all factors which can prevent children attending schools. In the event of a family crisis, it is the girls who will be withdrawn from school first.

CIMG0969.JPG (71501 bytes)Pictured right during a visit to Kitui April 2007: (L to R) Aidan Corless, Ndiko, Richard, and Pat Torpey. Ndiko has just qualified with a P1 primary teaching qiualification, and Richard is in his first year at University studying mechanial engineering. Both were sponsored through secondary school by Friends of Kitui

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Video- Education of Orphans and Vulnerable Children

For More Information


Aidan Corless, "Kinvara", Westminster Road, Dublin 18, Ireland. Telephone +353-1-289-2393

(Right) For the poorest of the poor, education gives a real hope of escape. This elderly guardian sacrifices everything to educate her charges

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