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The average per capita income in Kitui is less than €2 per day

School Fees Programme

Sponsoring the Education of  Needy families and AIDS Orphans

This programme was founded in 2005 by Aidan Corless, a Dublin businessman who wanted to take positive action to ease the plight of children and other young dependent adults  orphaned directly or indirectly as the result of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Aidan visited Kitui to assess the situation on the ground. He met the Diocesan Administrator for the Kitui Diocese, and visited a number of centres where the Diocese was working on behalf of the people of Kitui.He identified education as one of the key elements in a programme for support of AIDS orphans, recognising that providing these children with a sound education would give them a better headstart for the future. Since 2005 the programme has evolved to support not only AIDS orphans, but other needy students whose family circumstances would not allow them to access secondary education. Sponsored students are selected on the basis of need, and not on religious affiliation. Sponsors wishing to have a one-to-one relationship with the student are asked to pay between €350 and €500 (2011-2012 costs)towards the educational expenses for each student. This sum covers the annual cost of providing tuition, uniform, personal expenses such as school clothing and bedding, food  and accommodation in a boarding school, and transport to and from school at end of term.  Any surplus is applied to additional needy students.As discussed elsewhere on this site, education is seen by the people of Kitui as essential in helping them to improve their own economic status- just as it was in Ireland in decades past.

Read more about the situation facing children orphaned due to AIDS here.

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Pictured left during a visit to Kitui April 2007: (L to R) Aidan Corless, Ndiko, Richard, and Pat Torpey. Ndiko has just qualified with a P1 primary teaching qiualification, and Richard is in his first year at University studying engineering. Both were sponsored through secondary school by Friends of Kitui. Richard is now being sponsored by a Dalkey parishioner.