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The average per capita income in Kitui is less than €2 per day

What We Do

We aim to help people who are on the margins, those struggling for survival, groups struggling against the prejudices of their society, those for whom a small act of kindness might help them escape from poverty.

We cannot do everything, so we concentrate on water and education. We also aim to support projects for self sustainability and particularly those for the empowerment of women. 

Our Vision

Our Vision is a world in which access to clean water will lead to a healthier childhood, and  greater educational opportunity will lead towards self-sufficiency and a greater understanding of how to use locally available natural resources in a sustainable way.

Our aim is to ensure that 100% of the donations received go directly to the supported projects.

Our beliefs:

·        Everyone has a right to water, the basic requirement for life

·        Everyone has a right to education

·        These rights exist irrespective of Race or Religion

A little history….

Friends of Kitui is a voluntary group which evolved from the Dalkey Parish Outreach project, set up in 1999 to mark the then-imminent millennium (remember that?). The group started with a monthly fund-raising coffee morning, for relief of poverty in the Diocese of Kitui, Kenya, mainly through providing education for orphans and vulnerable children, but also supporting small income-generation activities. Friends of Kitui was formally established in 2005 as an umbrella structure linking the activities of the various voluntary groups who are contributing to support the needs of the people of Kitui. Other Dublin parishes such as Cabinteely and Rathgar then became involved, as well as corporate donors and others in Ireland, the United States and Britain.

We do not handle any money ourselves, rather we prefer to link to long-established charities or organisations who share our vision. Beneficiaries of our projects include persons with, and without, religious belief: the only criterion is that they have need for support.


 Schools & Education Update

Without a secondary school qualification, it is almost impossible to secure permanent employment in Kitui. Over 30 students from very needy backgrounds, some orphaned by AIDS or other causes, who would otherwise have no chance of doing so, are this year able to attend secondary school through the generosity of Friends of Kitui supporters.

 Sponsorship means that each child gets food, accommodation and tuition for a school year. Although tuition is free of charge in all government owned schools, total costs range from €300 to €500 per student per annum for tuition, full board, textbooks and personal essentials.

 Please redouble your efforts to support these needy children. In times of economic downturn, it is always the most marginalised who suffer first.

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St. Columba's Vocational School for Girls, Kitui

St Columba's offers a syllabus that is 70% vocational and 30% academic, and has a Production Unit within the centre where one term is spent in gaining industrial experience. Friends of Kitui has contributed towards equipping a computer lab (left) where students gain experience on business-oriented software applications, as well as gaining up-to-date communications skills.
Students at the polytechnic, which is run by the Ursuline Sisters in Kenya study the core second-level subjects, but with a particular emphasis on life skills and work skills. The girls are encouraged to develop their sense of self-worth so that in future they can realise their dignity as individuals, and live their lives in freedom with a strong sense of security.
(Above) Sr Clare Ursula Tobin with four of the students.

(Right) Some of the students pictured in November 2010 standing on the site of two new classrooms funded by Friends of Kitui. Construction is now completed

(Above) The centre provides training in cookery and hospitality skills. Friends of Kitui has contributed towards the extension of the cookery kitchen. The centre intends to offer Food processing as an exam subject in 2012

What we have achieved so far- with your support!

Water Projects

In total, we have now completed 64 projects benefiting 27,800 people.


School Fees

Over 30 students, who would otherwise have no chance of doing so, are this year able to attend secondary school through the generosity of Friends of Kitui supporters


School Building Programme

A new 450-student St Michael's primary boarding school has been constructed.

At Makayauni, an isolated community in a very arid area of Kitui, a new primary school serving 280 pupils has also been completed.

In addition, other groups working under the Friends of Kitui umbrella have supported income generating projects such as The Honey Project, micro-businesses for chicken rearing, and a project for the manufacture of Aloe Vera soap in Zombe.

About Friends of Kitui-

What we do  

What we believe  

Who are we?  

What have we achieved?

Water Projects Update

Our Fourth Round of water projects has now been completed. These 27 new projects in 25 locations will serve a total of 14,800 people.This time we have included sanitation projects.

The preceding three rounds have delivered 37 projects which have helped bring cleaner, safer water to over 13,000 people in 33 villages and 4 schools. In total, we have now completed 64 projects benefiting 27,800 people.


A special thanks to ElectricAid who have funded water harvesting facilities at five schools, and to the people of Rathgar Parish who have funded 10 projects in the Kyuso area of Kitui


For updated photo-documentary on the construction of Sand Dams, Click HERE

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St Michaels School Formally Opened on February 26th., 2011

The official opening of Phase One (classrooms) of the St. Michael's School Project took place in Kitui on Feb 26th. Students will commence on May 1st, which is the beginning of the school term.

This is fantastic news, the culmination of 5 years work and we are sincerely thankful to all our supporters. In particular I would like to thank Paul Healy, who had the vision to make this happen.

The final figure for construction costs has reached €600,000 euro of which we still have €30,000 to raise.

Aidan Corless

480 students will now experience a primary school education in surroundings of modern standards. 

The school is dedicated to the memory of Fr. Joe Corless C.S.Sp, late of Blackrock College, Dublin
We bring you two stories of change which could not have happened without your support!

Water Projects- Our First Story of Change

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And the second story- Makayauni School Building Project is now completed!


At a parents meeting on September 22nd 2010,  the Head Teacher said:

“The one thing that I would say Friends Of Kitui has achieved in Makayauni is not so much the construction of beautiful buildings, but the awakening of the community to realise the potential they have of transforming things when they work together."

Early 2009, we set out in partnership with the teachers, parents and local community  to build a non-denominational Primary School in Makayauni, which will provide free education to approximately 290 children of all denominations and beliefs. The school  cost €42,000 for 8 classrooms and an administration block.
This was a joint effort between the people of Dalkey in Ireland and Shoreham-by-Sea, Sussex, England in partnership with the community of Makayauni. The project has been managed on the ground by the Development Department of the Diocese of Kitui.
Work commenced January 2010, and the four classroom blocks and administration block have now been completed, giving the school 8 new classrooms. 
The community gathered materials such as sand and gravel, provided unskilled labour, and manufactured bricks for the construction works. 
In a "Baraza" (community meeting) held on September 22nd 2010, the School Committee set out their priorities for further improvements. These are for further water harvesting facilities, furniture for the classrooms, a pre-school or nursery classroom, and more toilets.


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For more photos of the new buildings at Makayauni click HERE


The new classrooms are put into use! The parents and teachers are now studying their priorities for the next stage- furniture and equipment for the school.

The School Principal Mr Kamanga with the Senior Teacher, Mrs Marjorie Njeru, outside the administration block.

November 2010- Terry Dunne from Dalkey Outreach inspects the new school buildings.
On the extreme left the 50,000 litre water storage tank supplied by Friends of Kitui can be seen beside one of the new classroom blocks.